Precautions for YANG File Loading

Prerequisites for YANG Files to Take Effect

The license configurations of service functions are basic and mandatory for service configurations. If you do not complete license configurations, the service configurations may fail.

For example, if the port license is not activated for an interface on a device, only part of the interface's physical bandwidth is available. In this case, configuring the interface's total physical bandwidth as the maximum reservable bandwidth of the TE interface will fail. To prevent such a configuration failure, you must configure the license function and commit it to make this basic configuration take effect. Related service configurations can then be delivered using XML packets.

Model Integrity Evaluation

If you need to use the NETCONF YANG function to manage devices during the improvement of the YANG model corresponding to each feature, contact Huawei technical support engineers to fully evaluate whether the YANG model supports service deployment.

Model Node Status Description

  • If no status attribute is defined for a node or the status attribute of a node is current, the node is recommended.
  • If the status attribute of the node is deprecated, the node is not recommended.
  • If the status attribute of the node is obsolete, the node is obsolete.

The following uses the node in the huawei-devm.yang file as an example. The status attribute of the leaf node is deprecated, indicating that the leaf node is not recommended.

leaf serial-number {
  type string {
    length "0..32";
  config false;
  status deprecated;
    "Entity number.";
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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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