DHCP PnP Application

Service Overview

Device installation is costly and needs to be complete in just one site visit. Engineers are classified into hardware and software commissioning engineers. Hardware engineers install devices and lay out cables. Software commissioning engineers are responsible for initial configuration. Hardware engineers must be on site during device installation. To free software commissioning engineers from configuring devices on site, you can configure DHCP PnP.

After DHCP PnP is configured, the NMS can use DHCP to configure and commission devices on a network remotely. This solution effectively reduces operation and maintenance (O&M) costs.

Networking Description

Figure 1 shows a typical mobile bearer network. The NMS is connected to a device at the aggregation layer. A large number of case-shaped UPEs exist on the network and are distributed sparsely. To reduce installation expenditure and improve working efficiency, enable DHCP PnP on the case-shaped UPEs.

Figure 1 Mobile bearer network

Feature Deployment

As shown in Figure 1, UPEs obtain management IP addresses using DHCP and are configured with NMS parameters automatically. Then the NMS management channel is available to allow the NMS to make a Telnet connection to UPEs and configure them remotely.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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