Multicast Boundary

Usage Scenario

Multicast boundaries are used to control multicast information transmission by allowing the multicast information of each multicast group to be transmitted only within a designated scope. A multicast boundary can be configured on an interface to form a closed multicast forwarding area. After a multicast boundary is configured for a specific multicast group on an interface, the interface cannot receive or send multicast packets for the multicast group.


As shown in Figure 1, DeviceA, DeviceB, and DeviceC form multicast domain 1. DeviceD, DeviceE, and DeviceF form multicast domain 2. The two multicast domains communicate through DeviceB and DeviceD.

Figure 1 Multicast boundary

Interfaces 1 and Interfaces 2 in this example are GE 1/0/0, GE 2/0/0, respectively.

To isolate the data for a multicast group G from the other multicast domain, configure a multicast boundary on GE 1/0/0 or GE 2/0/0 for group G. Then, the interface no longer forwards data to and receives data from group G.

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