One-click Configuration Import

To run commands in a batch for function configuration on a device that is properly running, load a configuration file to import configurations in one-click mode.

Usage Scenario

With the growth in network scales and complexity, network configuration becomes more complex. A large number of network device configurations are duplicate. This function allows you to import the same configurations and then manually add different configurations, reducing configuration workloads.


You can copy the system configuration data file to a local device and then load the configuration file. After the configuration file is loaded, you can directly commit the configuration, or edit the configuration through the CLI before you submit it.

After the configuration file is loaded, the configuration in the file overwrites the candidate configuration. For example, if the BGP configuration does not exist on the device but is required, you can load the configuration file to load the BGP configuration. If the loaded configuration conflicts with the existing configuration, the loaded configuration overwrites the existing configuration.

The one-click configuration import function is supported only in the two-phase configuration validation mode. After a configuration file is loaded in this mode, run the commit command to commit the configuration.


  • Repeated configuration is reduced, saving configuration workloads.
  • Remote delivery is supported, quickly responding to service environment changes.
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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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