Enabling LLDP

When LLDP is enabled on a device, the device sends LLDP packets carrying its status information to its LLDP-capable neighbors and obtains their status information by receiving LLDP packets from them.


LLDP can be enabled globally or on an interface. The relationships are as follows:
  • LLDP is disabled on all interfaces after LLDP is disabled globally.
  • An interface can send and receive LLDP packets only when LLDP is enabled globally and on the interface.
  • The command to enable or disable LLDP on an interface is invalid when LLDP is disabled globally.


  1. Run system-view

    The system view is displayed.

  2. Run lldp enable

    LLDP is enabled globally.

  3. Run interface interface-type interface-number

    The interface view is displayed.

  4. (Optional) Run lldp admin-status { tx | rx | txrx }

    The LLDP working mode is configured for the interface.

  5. (Optional) Perform the following steps to enable LLDP on a sub-interface:

    1. Run lldp vlan-mode enable

      The VLAN mode is enabled on the interface.

    2. Run interface interface-type interface-number

      A sub-interface is created.

    3. Run vlan-type dot1q vlan-id

      The sub-interface is associated with a VLAN.

    4. Run lldp enable

      LLDP is enabled on the sub-interface.

    • To enable LLDP on some interfaces and disable LLDP on other interfaces on a device, enable LLDP globally on the device and run the undo lldp enable command on the interfaces that do not need LLDP.

    • For Eth-Trunk interfaces, LLDP can be configured only on Eth-Trunk member interfaces. Enabling or disabling LLDP on an Eth-Trunk member interface does not affect other member interfaces.

    • Interfaces that support LLDP must be physical interfaces. Logical interfaces such as VLANIF and Eth-Trunk interfaces do not support LLDP.

    • Interfaces do not support LLDP packets carrying the VLAN tag. If LLDP is used and the peer device is a non-Huawei router, configure the peer device not to carry the VLAN tag in sent LLDP packets.

    • Before enabling LLDP on a sub-interface, you need to enable LLDP and configure the VLAN mode on the corresponding main interface.

  6. Run commit

    The configuration is committed.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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