GVRP PDU Structure

GARP PDUs are encapsulated in the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet format, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 GARP PDU

Each field is described as follows.




Protocol ID

GARP protocol ID



GARP message, consisting of Attribute Type and Attribute List


Attribute Type

Attribute type, defined by specific GARP applications

The value is 0x01 for GVRP, indicating that the attribute value is a VLAN ID

Attribute List

Attribute list, consisting of multiple attributes



An attribute, consisting of Attribute Length, Attribute Event, and Attribute Value


Attribute Length

Length of an attribute

2–255, in bytes

Attribute Event

Event that an attribute describes

  • 0: LeaveAll Event

  • 1: JoinEmpty Event

  • 2: JoinIn Event

  • 3: LeaveEmpty Event

  • 4: LeaveIn Event

  • 5: Empty Event

Attribute Value

Value of an attribute

The value is a VLAN ID for GVRP. This field is invalid for a LeaveAll attribute.

End Mark

End of a GARP PDU


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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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