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Function as


Option Description

Router option, used by a DHCP server to carry a gateway address to a client.

Option Format

Carried in Packets to Be Sent to the RADIUS Server

Supported. This option can be carried in the HW-Dhcp-Option field of an Access-Request packet.

Delivered in Packets from the RADIUS Server

Not supported

RADIUS Attributes Carrying Options

HW-Dhcp-Option (187)

Related Configuration Commands

IP address pool view: gateway ip-address { mask | mask-length }

By default, this option is carried in a message sent to a client. To disable a device from carrying this option in a message to be sent to a client, run the following command in the IP address pool view: option router disable

A local address pool is supported.

RADIUS server group view: radius-attribute include hw-dhcp-option

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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