DAA Service Quota Management

DAA services support a duration quota, a traffic volume quota, or a combination of duration and traffic volume quotas. If both duration and traffic volume quotas are delivered, they take effect together. An action is triggered if either of the quotas is exhausted. When the RADIUS server delivers a new quota, DAA services use the new quota; when the RADIUS server delivers zero quotas, DAA services go offline; when the RADIUS server does not deliver a quota, the BRAS determines whether to log out DAA services based on the configuration. By default, DAA services remain online.

After a user goes online, the RADIUS server uses a CoA message to deliver Huawei No. 95 attribute carrying a DAA service policy name. The standard No. 27 attribute is used to deliver a duration quota, and Huawei No. 15 attribute is used to deliver a traffic volume quota.

After a DAA service goes online successfully, the process for quota exhaustion is as follows:

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