What Is BA Classification

Behavior Aggregate (BA) classification allows the device to classify packets based on related values as follows:
  • DSCP value of IPv4 packets
  • TC value of IPv6 packets
  • EXP value of MPLS packets
  • 802.1p value of VLAN packets

It is used to simply identify the traffic that has the specific priority or class of service (CoS) for mapping between external and internal priorities.

BA classification confirms that the priority of incoming packets on a device is trusted and mapped to the service-class and color based on a priority mapping table. The service-class and color of outgoing packets are then mapped back to the priority. For details about priority mapping, see section QoS Priority Mapping.

To configure BA classification on a NetEngine 8000 F, configure a DiffServ (DS) domain, define a priority mapping table for the DS domain, and bind the DS domain to a trusted interface.

BA classification applies to the DS internal nodes.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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