(Optional) Uploading a Pre-Configuration Script


If you want commands to be delivered to an unconfigured device before the ZTP process starts, upload a pre-configuration script to the device.


  1. Edit the pre-configuration script based on the file type and format instructions described in Preconfiguration Script
  2. Upload the pre-configuration script to the storage medium of the main control board.

    FTP, TFTP, or SFTP can be used to upload the script. For upload details, see Using FTP to Access Other Devices, Using TFTP to Access Other Devices, or Using SFTP to Access Other Devices. Select an upload mode as needed.

  3. Run set ztp pre-configuration file-name

    The pre-configuration script is loaded.

    To disable a device from starting the ZTP process at device startup with base configuration, run the reset ztp pre-configuration command to clear the pre-configuration script.

  4. Run display ztp status

    The ZTP status (including the status the pre-configuration script) is displayed.

    When the system software is upgraded from an earlier version to the current version, the loaded pre-configuration script is executed (to prevent this loaded pre-configuration script from being executed, run the reset ztp pre-configuration command) only if the configuration file set for startup is vrpcfg.zip.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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