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The Subscription-Id AVP (AVP Code 443) is of type Grouped and it is used to identify the end user's subscription data.

The Subscription-Id AVP consists of the Subscription-Id-Data AVP and the Subscription-Id-Type AVP. The Subscription-Id-Data AVP includes one ID and the Subscription-Id-Type AVP defines the ID type.

It is defined as follows (per the grouped-avp-def of RFC 3588 [DIAMBASE]):

Subscription-Id ::= <AVP Header: 443 >
                    { Subscription-Id-Type }
                    { Subscription-Id-Data }

On the NetEngine 8000 F, the Subscription-Id-Type AVP is set to END_USER_NAI (3) On an NetEngine 8000 F, the Subscription-Id-Data AVP is set to a user name consisting of at most 256 bytes (such as 50ec931b0000@rm-3).

The Subscription-Id AVP is a group AVP, which contains the Subscription-id-Type and Subscription-id-Data sub-AVPs.

Reference Standards

RFC 4006 clause 8.46

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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