Monitoring-Key AVP

Description of AVP




The Monitoring-Key AVP (AVP code 1066) is of type OctetString. In the PCRF, this AVP is defined as an unsigned32 AVP. It is sent in the form of OctetString and is converted into an unsigned32 AVP when received. The Monitoring-Key AVP is an identifier of a quota monitoring instance and used for quota monitoring.

The Usage-Monitoring-Information AVP is defined in messages. If the Monitoring-Key AVP appears in the Charging-Rule-Definition AVP, the Usage-Monitoring-Information AVP is associated based on the Monitoring-Key AVP. For the predefined rules, the value of the Monitoring-Key AVP must be configured on the PCEF.


On the NetEngine 8000 F, the value of the Monitoring-Key AVP is set to 9 for BOD services and must also be set to 9 on the PCRF for BOD services.

The Monitoring-Key AVP is a sub-AVP, which is used in the group AVP Gx-R9-Usage-Monitoring-Info.

Reference Standards

3GPP TS 29.212 V9.7.0 clause 5.3.59

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