Charging-Rule-Report AVP

Description of AVP




The Charging-Rule-Report AVP (AVP code 1018) is of type Grouped, and it is used to report the status of PCC rules.

  • Charging-Rule-Name AVP is a reference for a specific PCC rule at the PCEF that has been successfully installed, modified or removed (for dynamic PCC rules), or activated or deactivated (for predefined PCC rules).
  • The Charging-Rule-Report AVP can also be used to report the status of the PCC rules for which credit is no longer available or credit has been reallocated after the former out of credit indication. In this case, the Charging-Rule-Name AVP is used to specify the name of the PCC rule that fails to be activated.

AVP Format:

Charging-Rule-Report ::= < AVP Header:1018 >

The NetEngine 8000 F receives but does not process *[AVP] in the AVP format description, that is, the NetEngine 8000 F processes the AVPs listed in this document and ignores other AVPs.

The Charging-Rule-Report AVP is a group AVP, which contains the charging-rule-name, pcc-rule-status, rule-failure-code, and final-unit-indication sub-AVPs.

Reference Standards

3GPP TS 29.212 V9.7.0 clause 5.3.18

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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