Functions of the Gx Interface

The Gx interface provides the following functions:
  • Delivers PCC rules from the PCRF to the PCEF.
  • Deletes PCC rules from the PCEF.
  • Transmits events from the PCEF to the PCRF.
PCC rules are classified into the following categories:
  • Dynamic PCC rules: The PCRF dynamically delivers PCC rules to the PCEF through the Gx interface. Dynamic PCC rules can be installed, modified, or deleted any time.

    Dynamic PCC rules are created by users based on the service information and policy configuration on the PCRF. The PCRF allocates a unique Charging-Rule-Name to each dynamic PCC rule. During deployment of the policy, the PCRF provides the PCEF with detailed parameters of a rule(such as QoS,CC-Time,and so on). Subsequently, the PCRF uses the Charging-Rule-Name AVP to instruct the PCEF to modify or delete the rule.

  • Static PCC rules: PCC rules are pre-configured on the PCEF. Static PCC rules can be activated or deactivated by the PCRF any time.

    The static PCC rules mentioned in this document are defined by the PCEF. The PCRF uses the specified Charging-Rule-Name attribute-value pair (AVP) to provide instructions for the use of one or several static rules [negating the provision of detailed rule definitions]. The specific Charging-Rule-Name AVP is used only after the PCRF and PCEF complete negotiation.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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