Configuring a BITS Source As the T-GM

You can configure a building integrated timing supply system (BITS) source as the telecom grandmaster (T-GM). The T-GM is connected to telecom boundary clocks (T-BCs) through Ethernet clock interfaces. The T-GM serves as the grandmaster clock to provide time signals to T-BCs on the transport network, allowing time synchronization between T-BCs and the T-GM.


For details about configuring a BITS source as the T-GM, see the BITS source configuration guide.

When a device connects to an external BITS source, the configuration needs to be performed on the local device. By default, the clock accuracy value of a BITS source is 0x20. When the default value is used, downstream devices cannot communicate with the local device using the G.8275.1 protocol of the 2014 version. This is because the clock accuracy in this version can only be set to 0x21 or 0xFE. In this scenario, you are advised to set the clock accuracy of a BITS source to 0x21.
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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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