Overview of SAID


System of active immunization and diagnosis (SAID) is an intelligent fault diagnosis system that automatically diagnoses and rectifies severe device or service faults by simulating human operations in troubleshooting.


A network is prone to severe problems if it fails to recover from a service interruption. At present, device reliability is implemented through various detection functions. Once a device fault occurs, the device reports an alarm or requires a reset for fault recovery. However, this mechanism is intended for fault detection of a single module. When a service interruption occurs, the network may fail to promptly recover from the fault, adversely affecting services.

In addition, after receiving a reported fault, maintenance engineers may face a difficulty in collecting fault information, preventing problem locating and adversely affecting device maintenance.

The SAID is promoted to address the preceding issues. The SAID achieves automated device fault diagnosis, fault information collection, and service recovery, comprehensively improving the self-healing capability and maintainability of devices.


The SAID can automatically detect, diagnose, and rectify device faults, greatly improving network maintainability and reducing maintenance costs.

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