eMDI in Common Layer 3 Multicast Scenarios

On the PIM-SM/SSM network shown in Figure 1, the eMDI detection solution can be deployed on all nodes from the SR to the CR (SR and CR included) so that service packets passing through all of these nodes can be detected in real time for IPTV video quality monitoring and fault locating.

Figure 1 PIM-SM/SSM networking

With the eMDI detection solution deployed on the SR, the quality indicators (such as packet loss rate, packet disorder rate, and jitter) of real service packets that pass through all the nodes on the common Layer 3 multicast network can be detected in real time and the detection results are sent to the NMS on a regular basis. The analysis result of the NMS can be displayed in a trend chart.

When a fault is detected using eMDI on a network node, the detection data on upstream and downstream nodes can be compared to demarcate the faulty network segment. Other methods can be used together to rapidly locate the fault and restore services.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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