Using the Documentation According to the Life Cycle of the Product

The tasks of the product performed by the user are related to the life cycle of the product. According to the tasks performed by the user on the product, the life cycle of the NetEngine 8000 F is classified into network planning, network deployment, service commissioning and deployment, network maintenance, and network upgrading. You can select proper references according to the life cycle of the product.

Table 1 Using the documentation according to the life cycle of the product

Life Cycle Phase

Main Task


Main Document

Reference Document

Network planning

Determining the network scale, networking, and hardware configuration process of the network elements, and data configuration process according to the network and requirements for building the network

  • Documentation Guide

  • Product Description

  • Feature Description

  • Hardware Description


Network deployment

  • Surveying the project

  • Preparing the environment

  • Installing the device

  • Commissioning the device

  • Quick Installation Guide

  • Installation Guide

  • Hardware Description

  • Parts Replacement


Service deployment and commissioning

  • Setting up a network

  • Deploying services

  • Configuring data

  • Managing and maintaining services

  • Configuration Guide

  • Command Reference

  • Commissioning Guide


Network maintenance

  • Monitoring the network

  • Performing routine maintenance and emergency maintenance

  • Troubleshooting faults

  • Replacing parts

  • Log Reference

  • Alarm Reference

  • Routine Maintenance

  • Emergency Maintenance

  • Security Maintenance

  • Troubleshooting

  • Parts Replacement

  • Configuration Guide

  • Command Reference

Network upgrading

  • Upgrading the version

  • Upgrading patches

  • Release Notes

  • Upgrade Instructions

  • Patch Release Notes

  • Configuration Guide

  • Command Reference

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