Equipment Room Environment

Dust on devices may cause electrostatic discharge and result in poor contact for connectors or metal connection points. This problem can shorten the life span of devices and cause faults.

The equipment room must be free from explosive, conductive, magnetically-permeable, and corrosive dust. Table 1 lists the requirement for dust concentration in the equipment room.

Table 1 Requirements for dust particles in the equipment room

Mechanical active material



Dust particle

Particle /m3

≤ 3x 104

(no visible dust accumulated on a workbench in three days)

Suspending dust



Precipitable dust



  • Dust particle diameter ≥ 5 µm
  • Suspending dust diameter ≤ 75 µm
  • 75 µm ≤ precipitable dust diameter ≤ 150 µm
Take the following measures to meet the requirements:
  • Use dustproof materials for ground, wall, and ceiling construction.
  • Use screens on the door and windows facing outside. The outer windows should be dust-proof.
  • Clean the equipment room regularly and clean the air filter door monthly.
  • Wear shoe covers and ESD clothing before entering the equipment room.
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